The Resolve to Become a Buddha: A Study of the Bodhicitta Concept in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

By Dorji Wangchuk

The get to the bottom of to develop into a Buddha: A examine of the Bodhicitta proposal in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

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1 brahmayani11? 1 sravakfya1? 1 tathaiva ca I tathiigata1? 1 ca pratyeka1? 1 yanan etan vadamy aham II. See additionally the quotation in TSD, s. v. tshangs pa'i theg pa and KAPsTEIN 2000: 208-209, n. fifty nine. For an English translation, see SUZUKI 1930: 360; identification. 1932: 116. Cf. Candrakirti, Catu/lSatakatlka (P, fol. 117a7-8; D, fo1. 106b3-4; S, vol. 60, p. 1186. 2-4): Iha yi theg dang tshangs pa 'i theg II nyi tshe ba yi theg pa gang II Ihams cad theg pa chen po yi II gnas chen 'dir ni 'du bar 'gyurll. fifty four Ak$ayamatinirdeSasiilra (T, fol. 71a4--6; D, fols. 126b7-127a2): de l. a. byang chub sems dpa'i theg pa 'kun los angeles' [thams cad D] mkhas pa gang zhe na I gsum po 'di dag [am. T] ni theg pa ste 'nges par 'byin pa 'a' ['byung ngo T]II gsuin po gang zhe na I 'di Ita sle I nyan thos kyi theg pa dang I rang sangs rgyas kyi theg pa dang I theg po chen po'o II gzhan yang theg pa gnyis te I gnyis gang zhe na Ilha'i theg pa dang I mi'i theg pa'o II. Cf. the quotation within the gSung rab rin po che (P, fo1. 142b5; D, fo1. 238b7; S, vol. one hundred fifteen, p. 651. 12-13). fifty five *Guhyagarbhatantra (P, fol. lI1a3-5; D, fol. 113a3-4): 'dul ba'i dbang gis Iha dang I mi'i theg pa dang I nyan thos kyi [kyis P] theg pa dang I rang sangs rgyas kyi theg pa dang I byang chub sems dpa 'i theg pa dang I bia na med pa 'i theg pas ma rig pa 'i mam par rtog pa nyon mongs pa stong phrag brgyad bcu [cu D] rtsa bzhi'i gnyen par chos stang phrag brgyad bcu [cu D] rtsa bzhi gsungs sa II gsung nga II gsung bar 'gyur I"a II. See additionally the dKan mchag 'grel (A, fol. 16b5-6; B, p. forty three. 18-20): theg pa Inga ni Ilha dang mi 'i theg pa dang I nyan thas kyi theg pa dang I rang byang chub kyi theg pa dang I byang chub sems dpa'i theg pa dang I gsang ba bla na med pa'i theg pa'o II. observe that the time period theg pa Inga recurs additionally in different places within the dKan mchag 'grel (A, fols. 96a4, 97a3; B, pp. 128. 2, 129. 2). fifty six in accordance with a Tun-huang record, mi'i theg pa and Iha'i theg pa are incorporated within the nine-vehicle scheme (KARMAY 1988: 148,172). fifty seven "*Guhyagcirbhatanlra (P, fol. Illbl; D, fol. 113bl-2): Iheg pa bzhi yis nges 'byung Ia II theg pa gcig gis 'bras bur gnas II. Cf. n. fifty two. bankruptcy 5: Mahayana, Bodhisattva, and Badhicitta 117 (vi) The Nine-Vehicle version The nine-vehicle version is a vital doxographical scheme within the rNying_ma59 and Bon6o traditions. The scheme . of 9 automobiles within the rNying-ma culture, which varies slightlt; from resource to resource, has been mentioned via Samten Kannay in his rDzogs-chen research. I in line with the ITa phreng, the 9 autos are as follows: sixty two . . __ ... _--------- --- , nyan thas kyi theg po J. r;:a;;gs(;;;gs-rgy-;s-f9,. t th~g pa-------------- mtskan nyid ~yi theg po rnam po gsum byang chub sems dpa'i theg po J. ka 'i rgyud leyi theg po --, - rna! 'byar gyi rgyud rna! 'byar phyi po thub kyi thegpa , pa:irgyUl;JJryUhegp,,__ ___ . _ bskyed po 'i tshu! rna! 'byar nang po thabs kyi rgyud kyi thegpa 2. rda rje theg po rnampagsum three. rdzags po chen po 'i tshu! even though it is right that the nine-vehicle version as such can't be traced in Indian Buddhist .

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