The Flight of the Garuda: Teachings of the Dzokchen Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism

New translations of key texts from a practice many contemplate the main direct route to enlightenment.

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T he phrases "approach" and "accomplishment"1 sixty nine belong to m~ay~ga, the place t~ey. are used d 'b he whole strategy of visuallZatlOn and recltanon, and to escn e t ' h " h" lfl t e yoga: approac then m o re speC! 'fiICally to outline luck " " ' can 1 'ty in invocation of the deity, and accomrefers to p rogressIve " , . h " t o t h e technique of l' dentIficatlOn with the deny. In P IS males t' exp 1anatio ' n one hundred seventy assumption of mahayoga perform. is R ongzom '1 " bs " s t sick c ear t h at 'In atiyoga there is not any revolutionary . implIcIt, ut it really is ' H' alysis of chic Accompllshth h practlce, IS an h improvement t roug, h f h root textual content. those are e tiC than t at zero t e l ment is extra systema f zero ok rooster which are spontan ous y ects, zero zo c .. al h th ree teams, or tree as P C' ' ht and bodhlcma; m e 'lful pen ect Inslg . d comprehensive: skI capability, e r and sister emanations; an d girl con kinds and broth l'b ation, desirelessness and an d f whole I er vacancy- the oor zero r ignlessn ess. , of demon-spirits. e then treats t he> su ppresslO n _ ' INSTRUC rIO N IN A G~~P.. nine F VI ..!. O N_ _ ~_ Sf:. CRE~ £che 4 D emon-spirits in "Sublime Accomplishment": vestrUction zero h of a few of the our bodies of root texts describes a ordinarily, . t pecl~fiac IC approach to vanquishing the demons, right here the vanan s , Ives the 4 levels of method and accomhod lllVO " h" h f met therefore, in approac t e part zero pljsh~,ent. nition [or Bodhisattva-cognition] destroys the b dhlCJtta-cog 'h dh' f ", o L rd of loss of life WIth t e sarna 1 zero non-ongmauon; demon of divine self-identifica_ ,, . "dose 0app roach" the part" 10 WIth maya-vlslOn ' n destroys the demon . of embodIment » (10 dhi' in "accomplIshment the compo nen t of Femalesama 'eneration destroys the demon of ardour with the Consort g d ' " bl ' I' h ' th e arom-Iiree samadhi; an III su Ime accomp IS ment onent of ability and perception in tandem destroys the comp ' di " WIth the Sarnadh'1 that " prl' nce's obstructlve stractlOns , dIvme IS. co-extensive with non-referential area, the mode of the nice ' all ~ the final word accompl ishment, Fm , ' n, is defined when it comes to Its mandala (p,192), this can be a PerfeetlO , , mandala rather diversified from yantras, the sym metncal de Igns of colored powder or the 3 dimensional palaces of the decrease automobiles, and no initiation through siddhi-gen erating perform i concerned, Shabkar Lama's description in tune Twenty-one is an excdlent metaphor for a mandala whose fo rm is the universe, the six enes giving it six dimensions, The "stages o f initiation' into thi Dzokchen mandala are coincident, yet Rongzom Pandita amplify upon the tactic as though listening to, contemplation and meditation are serial occasions, this could no longer detract from the basic proven fact that ntn- ~d ... mation are 100% based upon the piritu~ IiIend who transmits the rOOUext and the very important ini tia tory e. 'p ri n e. CorullUcting the final word Dzokchen Mandala: £ony [into the Dzokchen Mandala] i a hello ' d b • guy' f THE FLIGHT OF THE GARUDA the 3 secrets and techniques [OM AH HUNG] F h .

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