A Clear Mirror: The Visionary Autobiography of a Tibetan Master

By Traktung Dudjom Lingpa

Own memoirs should not unusual in Tibetan Buddhism, yet A transparent replicate offers an strange edition: 3 degrees of religious teachings, conveying outer, internal, and refined facets of knowledge, that provide readers complete entry to the wealthy lifetime of one among Vajrayana Buddhism’s most beneficial figures. Dudjom Lingpa (1835–1904) used to be a Tibetan visionary and nice Perfection grasp, or tertön, a revealer of non secular treasures known as terma hidden within the Earth and within the minds of disciples. Dujdom Lingpa is well known for his revelations on “refining perception” or Nang Jang, and, via dream yoga, trance, and visions, for transmitting the “mindstream” of a couple of enlightened non secular beings, resembling Sri Singha, Saraha, Vajradhara, and Manjushri, whose knowledge he bought and stocks during this booklet.

A transparent reflect
reveals what excessive lamas regard as such a lot sacred and intimate: religious evolution through the lens of an innermost visionary lifestyles. Lingpa recounts each one step of his personal enlightenment process—from studying the best way to meditate to the top tantric practices—as he skilled them. A transparent reflect is a religious experience that still comprises daily meditation suggestion, designed for the lay reader in addition to the extra pro practitioner, during this evocative unique translation.

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No satisfied finishing resolved his lifelong fight with existence on human point. He won a definite notoriety as a treasure revealer, author, sorcerer, and visionary, yet he by no means retired, by no means signed a truce or put aside his visionary compass. He may appear to be the paragon of a obdurate, untethered savant, yet what different instructor sooner than or given that can declare to have guided 13 disciples to the attainment of rainbow physique? The Outer Autobiography a transparent replicate Expressions of natural demonstrate inside the character of Reality’s Magical phantasm An Account of My mystery Meditative stories Namo Guru Padmakara Yé Homage to the Lotus-Born Lama! knowledge physique of all victors of the previous, current, and destiny, ideally suited treasure of omniscience, love, and power: Lotus-Born, you abide indivisibly with me because the decoration of the wheel on the crown of my head. Having accredited me as your lineage holder, supply me coverage of your blessing! Writing down traditional participants’ debts That element a number of karma and deeds inside of unlimited cyclic lifestyles may reason me to develop into depressed and annoyed. understanding this, I by no means even thought of placing my very own such tales into writing. however, i'll now not face up to my disciples’ insistent requests to take action. If I recount intimately my myriad visions, those ripples on water, i may by no means end, So the following i'll succinctly recount my natural visionary studies. The beginning of My extended family TO start, if I don’t in brief relate the starting place of my extended family, failure to illustrate wisdom of my ancestors’ relations line could reason me to be scorned like a monkey within the jungle. accordingly, i'll clarify this concisely. The records of the illustrious district governor Lhazik Repa country, “The 3 clans are Ga, Dong, and Dru; a fourth is Dra; Nuwo and pop Nga make six in all. ” those phrases from an incredible person represent a competent resource, so I settle for this as legitimate info. historic tales record the 4 significant clans as Mutsa Ga, Abo Dong, Sengkyung Dra, and Ahchak Dru. including minor clans, Pa and Nga, it's stated there are six [Tibetan] clans. This turns out to concur with the above assertion. within the chinese language culture, treatises of elemental astrology correlate the 5 households with the 5 components, 5 shades, etc. in accordance with the program, the brown Dong kin is expounded to the earth aspect, the white Dra kinfolk to the steel point, the blue Dru kin to the water point, the purple Ga relations to the fireplace point, and the fairway pass relatives to the wooden point. the main clans are accrued into those 5 teams, so it's been acknowledged. when it comes to the program, it’s now not a superb inconsistency to arrange them as such. one of the six clans above, the pair Nuwo and pop Nga are given their very own names. once they aren't divided as they'd be in an intensive model, they're merged into one. as a result, one of the 5 households above, those are mixed below the identify pass. in line with this custom of elemental astrology, it really is acceptable to staff the unique six into the 5 significant clans.

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